What to Do in Kennicott

Kennicott is surrounded by rugged mountains, wild rivers, rushing streams, glaciers, and remote valleys, providing many options for hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, rafting, and glacier trekking. The photo album shows just how spectacular the scenery is.

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There are also options for a more relaxed approach including walking tours of the ghost towns of Kennicott and McCarthy, visiting the museum in McCarthy, or sitting on the lawn at Seventeen Silk Stocking Row admiring the views of the glacial moraine, Wrangell Mountains and Chugach Mountains.

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Kennicott Wilderness Guides offer instruction in ice climbing and other mountaineering activities for all ages. St. Elias Alpine Guides provide opportunities for exploring “North America’s mountain kingdom,” with options for glacier exploration, ice climbing, and mountain climbing.


The Copper Oar offers options for 1- to 4-day rafting trips where you can negotiate white water and spot black and brown bear, moose, wolves, and Dall sheep.

Hiking / Walking / Biking

Kennicott Wilderness Guides offer day and overnight trips for all ages to fit your desires and physical fitness.

If you prefer to be on your own, there are a variety of hiking trails for all fitness levels.


Wrangell St. Elias National Park contains the largest assemblage of glaciers and peaks above 16,000 in North America. There are flightseeing services available to show you the wonders of the area. Passengers describe the flights as “incredible”, “awesome”, and the “highlight of our trip.”

Wrangell Mountain Air can fly you over Bagley Icefield, the Wrangell and University Mountain Ranges, Chitistone Canyon, Mile High Cliffs, and 13 glaciers. McCarthy Air also offers flightseeing options.

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